Thursday, April 2, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

Hello All!

It's been a long time since I last posted to this blog but I figured I would revive it to tell everyone about my first Stitch Fix experience.  If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, here is the cliff notes version:

What is it?
Stitch Fix is a company teamed with personal stylists that will pick out 5 items based on your preferences and ship directly to you.  Keep what you want and send what you don't want back. You also choose the frequency at which you want to get these shipments - every 2 to 3 weeks, once a month, every other month, or every three months.  You can change the frequency whenever you want to.


  • The cost of each box is $20 (a styling fee).  
  • If you choose to keep items from the shipment, that initial $20 goes towards your purchases.  If you purchase all 5 items, you get 25% off the entire order.
  • If you don't like anything, you are out the $20.  

  • Process?
    You will fill out your style profile such as your size, budget, how you prefer to wear your clothes, etc.  Then they will give you examples of outfits and you rate how much you like them.  At the end you can write a note to your stylist giving them more info on your style preferences or anything specific you'd like.  

    When they send out your shipment, you will get notification.

    My Experience
    Filling out the profile was fun and took me about 10-15 minutes.  Once I got notice of my shipment, I cheated and looked ahead of time on what I was getting (look for how under Tips).  If you are wondering if I was that child who tried to find their Christmas presents before are correct.  I must say after my online research, my initial impression at all the pieces was pretty disappointing.  I really didn't like anything and was pretty sure everything was getting shipped back.  However, when I saw everything in person, it was a completely different story.  I actually ended up really liking everything!  So this is what I got:

    1.  Kaitland Spade Charm Long Necklace 
    I don't have many long necklaces and I loved the color and style.  KEEP!

    2.  Brixon Ivy Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse
    Love the pattern and it's totally my style.  KEEP!

    3.  Elaine 3/4 Sleeve Pleat Waist Dress
    I loved the color (especially with Spring coming).  The material was nice and soft plus it had pockets!  Unfortunately, the fit of the dress was odd.  It was too tight in the chest area which is an amazing feat considering I don't have one!  So sadly, I had to ship back.  RETURNED.

    4.  Skies are Blue Elsa Split Neck Top
    I liked it but not enough to keep it.  Also, it was a very similar style to #2.  RETURNED.

    5.  Just Black Banks Skinny Jean
    I'm super short and the length of the jeans was perfect!  That's why I was sad when they didn't fit:(  They were too tight in the stomach and a little too high waisted for my taste.  RETURNED.

    The shipment came with a prepaid postage bag that I threw the 3 items I didn't want and USPS picked it up at my office.  Super easy!

    Also, included in the shipment was a personalized note from my stylist letting me know why she picked the items she did for me and when and how I might wear them.  It was attached to individual cards that gives you ideas on how to wear as well.

    I must admit I was super skeptical when I signed up because I am very picky about my clothes.  I told myself I would give it a few tries before completely writing off.  All in all I was very pleasantly surprised with my first Stitch Fix experience! .  I have my next box coming in 2-3 weeks!

    1.  See what's in your shipment before you receive it.
    Once you get a shipment notification, go into your account and "Check Out".  There it will list out what they sent you.  Do a google search and hopefully someone has posted a picture of it.  **Keep in mind that you may be receiving a different color or slightly different style.  Also, some of the things may look better in person!**

    2.  Set reasonable expectations.
    If I like 1-2 items out of a shipment, then I consider it a success.  If you have expect to love everything you might be disappointed.

    3.  Use Pinterest!
    Set up a style board on Pinterest and pin anything and everything you like.  The more you pin, the more examples your stylist will have and get to know your style.  In your style profile, you can include a link to your board.  Who's not on Pinterest?!  If you can believe it, I know quite a few people who aren't.  (You know who you are...)

    4.  Be specific!
    When you send notes to the stylist, be very specific in what you are looking for.  My first note to the stylist is that I didn't want anything too form fitting because I've had two kids and avoid showing off my muffin top!  I also let her know I was headed to Vegas in May and going to a friend's wedding reception in April. 

    For Stitch Fix #2, I specifically asked for boyfriend jeans and a blazer.  I also said that I could never have too much navy blue and if they were going to send any prints, to send a print that was only in two colors.  We'll see what they come up with!

    Hopefully, this post gave you a quick overview on how Stitch Fix works and my first experience with it!  It's definitely lots of fun:)  If you want to sign up, use my referral link @


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